The Ultimate Covid Test, what is it?

by Dec 21, 2021Ultimate Covid Test

The What’s, Why’s and Where’s?

Covid-19 has produced uncertain times for everyone. Affecting businesses, personal lives and routines, relationships, travel and more. One way of reducing stress and anxiety during these times is to know our Covid-19 status. One easy method of achieving this is to do frequent testing and tracking the results. Ordered chronologically and in one place reduces the burden experienced due to Covid running rampant.


What is the Ultimate Covid Test?

The Ultimate Covid Test is a Covid-19 test service offered by NuaCell Clinic and Axon Evolution. It entails a series of POC (Point of Care) tests whose results are combined to produce the most accurate results, greatly reduce false positive and negatives and designed to be fast and convenient. There are numerous tests conducted professionally by a healthcare practitioner who will then analyse, interpret and diagnose the results. These tests consist of 3 Antibody tests and 3 Antigen tests for those who are vaccinated. Those who are unvaccinated will receive 2 Antibody tests and 3 Antigen tests. One of the Antibody tests is a Neutralising Vaccine Antibody test. This Neutralising Vaccine Antibody test is developed to detect Vaccine Triggered Antibodies, which currently in Europe is a proprietary test as more testing and approvals are still under investigation by the EU and Governmental National Departments.

TL;DR: A Covid-19 Test Service which indicates your Covid status and antibody levels.


Why is it the Ultimate Covid Test?

It is a service designed to be the most informative in answering the most important questions that we all have, with the latest screening technology available to us. The questions we frequently have on our minds concerning Covid are; did I have Covid in the past? Do I have Covid at the moment? I got the vaccine, do I still have vaccine triggered antibodies? I did not get the vaccine, am I at greater risk of contracting Covid?
As there are numerous antibody and antigen tests conducted during the Ultimate Covid Test, false positives and negatives are drastically reduced. Producing double and triple confirmations of test results yields much greater confidence in the accuracy of evaluating our current status.

TL;DR: The Ultimate Covid Test answers pressingly relevant questions through a series of POC tests regarding their Covid-19 status.


What are people saying about the tests?

There have been a multitude of people signing up for the Ultimate Covid Test to answer the questions they’ve been harboring for a long time. The questions posed in this article were asked by each patient, among others. Many are surprised by their Antibody tests, never knowing they had Covid in the past. Some used the Antigen test results to go to restaurants and movie theatres. All who were vaccinated were fascinated by the vaccine triggered antibody levels they carried and what it meant for them in relation to when to get a booster shot.¬† The most common quote from those tested were “I can’t believe I had it, I never had any symptoms” which drives home the statistics that most people afflicted by Covid are asymptomatic carriers.


Where can I get the Ultimate Covid Test?

These tests are being offered as a joint service by NuaCell Clinic in Malahide, Dublin and Axon Evolution Ltd. They are offered in a Medical Clinic in the heart of Malahide and the tests are performed and interpreted by a healthcare professional.


What else?

Using a uniquely built application only found in NuaCell clinic, the test results are available in real-time to those being tested. Wouldn’t you like to have your results as soon as you leave test centres?

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