Effortlessly Manage Your Health Journey

Empower your life by managing your health


Axon revolutionises patient health management by providing patients the tools to control their own health.


Axon is built on cutting edge technology to meet patients’ needs, securely and conveniently.


Axon’s patient-centric design and approach is at the center of everything we do.

You’re In Control

Axon’s Purpose is to improve people’s health and well-being by giving them access and control of their personal health and medical data, enabling better decision making.

Empowering everyone to better manage their health is a core belief Axon shares with its users.

Making health management convenient and effortless for everyone is at the foundation of Axon’s operations.

The Latest From Axon

Our Podcast Series

Dr.Sam van Eeden discusses the Electronic Health Record and the Dublin Study.

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NuaCell Partnership

NuaCell has been instrumental in the development and testing of the Axon applications and have the same mindset of empowering patients to control their health. 

The Axon Dublin Study

  • A unique study with voluntary participation, no incentives given to participants.
  • Over 200 voluntary participants.
  • Participants downloaded an Electronic Health Record Application on their personal phone called Axon AxonMyHealth.
  • Participants recorded various records in AxonMyHealth App:
    COVID19 test results / medical history / home self test results.

The Purpose of the Axon Dublin Study

  • Evaluate people’s willingness to use a multi-tiered blockchain architecture Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution for storing their medical records.
  • Evaluate the potential of a secure EHR solution for managing chronic diseases and medical history.
  • Generate user feedback about the AxonMyHealth Application.


of respondents do not currently keep their own health records


of respondents would like to own or co-own their health records


of respondents were satisfied with AxonMyHealth Application


of respondents would consider using Axon for their health records

Where we are heading

Axon endeavors to continue its business in developing a world class Health Management System based on individual need, utilising 4IR technologies including blockchain.