Did you survive Omicron?

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Did you survive omicron? “Don’t worry,” a subvariant may be your next enemy


The stealth subvariant of omicron, called the BA.2, is appearing in more and more countries – in more and more cases, making it difficult to survive omicron’s reach.

98.8 percent of the globally sequenced samples are given by the original version of omicron BA.1 as of January 25 in the GISAID database. In addition to the now growing BA.2, the omicron has two other known subvariants, BA.1.1.529 and BA.3. Each carries related but different mutations, according to a Reuters article.

According to Trevor Bedford, a computer virologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre who monitors the evolution of SARS-CoV-2, BA.2 accounts for 82 percent of cases in Denmark, according to a case study of the GISAID database and Oxford University’s Our World in Data project, 9 percent in the United Kingdom and 8 per cent in the United States.

The stealth subvariant needs to be sequenced.

The original BA.1 variant of the omicron is slightly easier to track than the previous variants. This is because the BA.1 variant lacks one of the three target genes used in a common PCR assay. Cases showing this pattern are assumed to be caused by BA.1 by default.

However, BA.2 does not lack this target gene, so sequencing can determine whether BA.2 caused a disease in the same way as it did with the previous variants.

However, the tests can show positivity due to BA.2, the stealth trait refers only to the difficulty in determining the type of variant.

It can be more contagious

However, according to Danish data, BA.2 may be about one and a half times more contagious than BA.1 – so far it seems that this variant does not cause more serious disease, and we have no data on how to avoid the effects of vaccinations. British data also suggest that people living in the same household are more likely to be infected with the coronavirus if BA.2 caused the disease than if BA.1.

Maybe it can re-infect people with former omicron as well, proving more difficult to escape and survive omicron.

The most critical question is whether people infected with the BA.1 wave will be protected from BA.2, says Egon Ozer, an infectious disease expert at Northwestern University in Chicago. This is a cause for concern in Denmark, where an increasing number of cases of BA.2 are reported in some places where the number of BA.1 infections was high.

“If the previous BA.1 infection doesn’t protect against BA.2, it could be a kind of a two-humped camel wave. But it’s too early to know if this will happen.” Ozer says.

The good news, however, is that vaccines are still effective in preventing serious illness and death, and there are high quality tests available to determine if your vaccine is still protecting you.

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