The Dublin Study and The Ultimate Covid Test

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The Dublin Study and Pandemic Management

Are you Ready to own and manage your own medical records?


Imagine the ability to securely access all your medical records in one application, from anywhere in the world. At your command you can show, share or give access to a specific Health Practitioner or third party when needed. Would you like to own access to and managing your own medical records the same way as you do your online banking? This is exactly what the Axon Evolution solution offers the user. The Dublin Study is researching and examining the impact, effects as well as user experience of taking control and managing medical data by an individual.

This concept, to have access to your personal medical data, is not new and is indeed well researched and published. Furthermore, the use of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is widely encouraged by EU Directives and Regulations. In September 2021 the IPPOSI Citizens Jury verdict on Access to Medical Data was clear that Citizens want access, but also wants to decide who can access this medical data.

On the heels of when this verdict was delivered, Axon Evolution launched the Axon myHealth and Axon Professional mobile phone applications to enable both patient users as well as Health Professionals to access and exchange personal medical data. This is a historic new way of updating and managing your own medical records. Additionally, it enables secure direct communication and reporting between a patient and doctor. Furthermore illustrating the practical execution of the ability for the patient user to take control and manage his or her own medical data.

Axon Evolution and the Nuacell Clinic is offering you The Ultimate Covid-Test consisting of a collection of different Covid-19 tests. The results of these will be uploaded by the Health professional and the Official Travel Certificates issued will enable you to manage safe travel and social engagement. Your interaction and experience with your own medical records and that of the Health Professional will be recorded as part of the Dublin Study.

We are actively seeking and inviting those who would like to own his or her own medical record keeping system to sign up for the Dublin Study. Share your personal experience with us being in control of your own medical records. This is exactly what The Dublin Study is about and what we would like to examine and learn from.


The Dublin Study And The Ultimate Covid Test Malahide Dublin

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